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ITS America 2016 San Jose

Connecting Innovators and Implementers

ITS America 2016 San Jose. It�s a new event, with an exhibit, conferences, papers and demos, created to represent the transformative moment in intelligent transportation. It�s where tech + transportation = Integrated Mobility. Transportation Redefined.

ITS America 2016 San Jose is where innovators connect with implementers.

Where companies, public agencies, academics, engineers, researchers, regulators, lawmakers, app developers, infrastructure security agents, financiers and the media will come together to make new contacts, transfer knowledge and generate new ideas about what is next in a world where transportation is at the center of the IoT.

ITS America 2016 San Jose draws from the tech field with an open, expanded format which builds upon each day and is created to generate debate, discussion and foment new ideas.

ITS America 2016 San Jose. It�s the incubator of the next generation ITS.

Daily Themes

Monday, June 13th "Wheels & Things"

"Wheels & Things� focuses on all �things� using, altering or creating new intelligent transportation systems technologies. It's about those who want to move and that which needs to be moved, each self-identifying, broadcasting and serving as passive information generators within the network.

The car, the bike, the bus, the metro, the trucks, the trains and even the drones. Connectivity + Interaction = Integrated Mobility - Transportation Redefined.

Is data king? How do connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, connected, smart infrastructure really move forward? What are the rules? Are there rules? Does everyone have to abide by the "rules"? How does it all play out in the larger smart city context?


Tuesday, June 14th "Infrastructure of Things"

�Infrastructure of Things� focuses on all the �stuff� the �wheels & things� interact with.

The physical hardware - lights and poles, signs, medians, and loops. The network backbone. Wireline. Wireless 4G, 5G, DSRC, LTE, LTE-Direct.

The �middleware� � the glue - of the intelligent transportation system.

What will traffic management look like? What is scalable? What are the technical security issues? How will deep learning work create � new� infrastructure?


Wednesday, June 15th "Show Me The Money!"

�Show Me The Money!� focuses on what the future ITS backend looks like. Seamless payment systems, billing, customer relationship management, identity, network management.

It's all about the cloud? Who's cloud? What is the next billion $ app? What are the new business models and what is driving them? What is the customer/seller relationship? What's new in the valley in managing and populating the funds? Traditional business lines of insurance and financing - do they hold? Public agencies taking on private ideas?

It's about the money - private and public - making it all happen.

Seven Pathways Including Exhibits, Demos & Papers

#THISisITS � Exhibits & Demos. Experience it, question it, understand it, build on it. Drive business opportunities. Come up with the next big idea. Special exhibit and demo hours.

Journey to Journal = Research & Academic Work & Papers. Meant to highlight the latest research and thinking in business, government and academia. Goals: To surface new ideas, technologies and applications. To build upon current theory and practice. To surface new stars. To be the launchpad of ideas beyond what we know now. It's about Mobility 2025 and beyond.

ITS University. Tech doesn't talk transportation. Transportation doesn't talk tech. Private doesn't talk government. Government doesn't get the need for speed. Finance and business models change every day. Unicorn? NHTSA? JPO? Smart City? Infrastructure? API? There are no dumb questions. Who wants to learn?

The After-Market. 250M vehicles on the road with a life span of 4-20 years. All forms of transportation wanting to connect. The "stuff" that will result in bringing "intelligence" to all. The "things" needed to engage with the after-market "stuff". How do "sustainability" efforts play out? How do these "things" integrate? Who is responsible for how they operate once they are integrated? What does the "sharing economy" really mean? We role does the consumer play? What are the ideas, products, approaches?

The Startup Zone. Ideas meet Money. Money meet Ideas. How do the two come together? Startups, VCs, portfolios. Private. Public. Partnerships. Really? Will there be ITS Unicorns? Where and how are the next ideas incubated? What does the new way of creating and operating mean for educating, training and recruiting the next workforce generation?

Government Policy v. Business v. Tech. Each is moving in their own direction - at their own speed. Technology and business models change faster than what governments can keep up with. It's a given. How does it all come together to make the visions real? What can government and business do to make deployment really happen? Rules? No Rules? Uniformity? Model legislation? Local. State. Federal. International.

Perspectives on Terrorism: Security, Privacy & Safety Assurance. Smart Cities. Connected Cars. Connected Infrastructure. Everything Connected. Big Data. Threats to traditional and new infrastructure. What are the concerns? What is real? Not real? What are the technological advancements on the side of good and evil?

Journey to Journal � Submit a Technical Paper

ITS America 2016 San Jose is now accepting high quality papers for both exhibit floor Poster Presentations and dedicated sessions that span the daily themes.

Papers will be accepted based on their illustration of the following topics within the daily themes:Fleets & Freight, Mobility on Demand, Mobility as a Service, Connected/Autonomous Vehicles, Data, Smart Cities, Security, Privacy and Safety Assurance, Sustainability, Emergency Response, New & Emerging Technologies, Transportation Systems Operations and Workforce Development.

Each day, one paper from the floor Poster Presentations & one paper from the dedicated sessions will be awarded an ITS America 2016 San Jose #THISisITS award & be given the opportunity to present his/her research on the exhibit floor main stage as the best papers representing the day�s respective theme!

Papers will be reviewed by ITS America member volunteers who will look for quality, relevance, and significance of the findings. Papers of a predominantly commercial nature will not be accepted.

Draft papers are due, Friday, March, 11, 2016.

For more detailed information on submissions, see the Official Guidelines & Formatting Instructions or click to expand the button below. Please check for updates related to the overall ITS America 2016 San Jose program.

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Session Suggestions

Have a great idea for a session? We want to hear from you!

Session proposals must be received by Friday, April 01, 2016.

Session proposals should help narrate this year�s theme, �Integrated Mobility � Transportation Redefined.� Proposal suggestions will be evaluated based on how they align across the shows three major themes and five pathways of:

  • ITS University
  • The After-Market
  • The Startup Zone
  • Regulatory & Policy v. Business v. Tech
  • Perspectives on Terrorism: Security, Privacy & Safety Assurance

Please note that only a limited number of Sessions will be offered this year.

Visit for updates related to the overall program.

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Technical Support

For help in submitting an abstract online, Contact technical support.

Paper and Session Contacts

For questions about the 2016 program and online paper submission process, contact the following individuals:

Michael Freitas

Adam Hopps

Rachel Rettberg