ITS World Congress 2020


Call for Contributions

The 27TH ITS World Congress in Los Angeles, CA, October 4-8, 2020 will explore "The New Age of Mobility." The recent explosion of new technologies and new forms of mobility are transforming the future of transportation. At a time in which we are focused on moving people, data and freight, how will we prepare for a future that is increasingly more connected, autonomous, shared and electric? The technologies that make our roads safer will also reduce congestion and greenhouse gas emissions and move us closer to a future of seamless mobility — one that is safer, greener and smarter.

It is the intent of this World Congress to focus on these issues through the exchange of information and dialogue among our attendees. A robust technical program is critical to accomplishing this goal. We encourage you to consider contributing to the technical program to ensure this World Congress is successful.

Technical Program Session Formats

Special Interest Sessions (SIS)

Accepted sessions are organized by international experts developing and deploying ITS. These interactive, tailor-made sessions provide the opportunity to focus on specific topics of interest. The session format is a panel discussion, or, individual expert talks on the subject matter.

Technical (TP) and Scientific (SP) Paper Sessions

Paper sessions are composed of presentations of accepted papers submitted by international experts on a variety of topics encompassing practical, economic, technological, organizational and societal aspects of ITS. They aim to encourage the exchange of information on deployment ranging from improving the operational use of systems and services to research and development in support of new applications.

Program Themes

The International Program Committee (IPC) is excited to present 8 program themes. When you submit your contribution, you'll be prompted to select 1.

  1. Seamless Mobility and Changing Behavior
  2. Fueling the Future: Alternative Fuels and Emissions
  3. The Path to Vision Zero
  4. Disruption on the Digital Highway: Data
  5. Technology from Entry to the Last Mile
  6. Connectivity or Spectrum / Networks
  7. Intelligent, Connected and Automated Vehicles
  8. Organizing for Success, Governance, Business Models, International Cooperation

Cross-Cutting Technologies:

Submitters will also be prompted to select up to 3 from the following cross-cutting technologies:

  1. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
  2. Automated Vehicle
  3. Communications / Spectrum
  4. Connected Vehicle
  5. Cybersecurity
  6. Data Access / Privacy
  7. Electric / Alternative Fuels / Emissions
  8. Goods Movement
  9. Infrastructure
  10. MOD / MaaS
  11. Rural
  12. Smart City
  13. Transportation Systems Operations
  14. Truck Operations / CVO
  15. V2x

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New Submissions Closed

  • Click here for Special Interest Session Proposal Submission Guidelines

    The International Program Committee (IPC) invites ITS experts to submit their session proposals to be considered for a scheduled session at the ITS World Congress 2020. By submitting a proposal, and if accepted, you or the identified organizer is committing to organize the 90-minute session content and the session moderator and speakers. Before a moderator and speakers are listed in the submission, session organizers are expected to inform them that they have been identified as a possible participant, ensure they understand that they are required to register and pay a reduced speaker/moderator fee, and confirm their willingness to participate in the session. Organizers may also serve as a speaker and/or moderator in the proposed session to receive the reduced registration fee.

    Due to the increased competition for timeslots, to ensure a wide a range of topics, and to give an equal opportunity to all potential session proposals, the IPC will only accept the highest quality proposals. Please follow these guidelines when submitting:

    • The deadline for submitting session proposals is February 12, 2020 at 11:59 PM EST. Proposals cannot be accepted after this date.
    • Submitters may submit up to 3 proposals for consideration
    • Provide a 12 word or less session title. Capitalize each word in the title, do not use all UPPER CASE. Acronyms may be entered in UPPER CASE.
    • Describe your session proposal in 400 words or less.
    • Select the format of the session when you submit as a moderated panel discussion format, or individual speaker presentations.
    • Identify and provide contact information for:
      • Session organizer (normally the person who submits the session) (minimum 1/maximum 2)
      • 1 moderator
      • Suggested speakers (minimum 3/maximum 5.) If you submit 6 speakers, the IPC will evaluate the speakers and may request a reduction of speakers to 5).
    • Proposals will only be considered if the complete contact details are provided for the organizer, moderator and at least 3 confirmed speakers
    • Special Interest Session proposals that address a single project will be given low priority compared to those that address a broader subject matter
    • A relevant theme and up to 3 crosscutting technologies must be specified on the submission site
    • Session proposals of a predominantly commercial nature will not be accepted.
    • All session proposals must be submitted online. E-mailed contributions cannot be accepted.
    • Upon completion of your submission, the system will automatically generate a confirmation e-mail with details of your submission. This is a confirmation of receipt and not a proof of acceptance.

    Download the SIS submission guidelines here: Official Guidelines. Please check for updates related to the overall ITS World Congress 2020 program.

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Technical Support

For help in submitting an abstract online, Contact technical support.