Call For Participation

ITS America's 23rd Annual Meeting & Exposition
Gaylord Opryland Convention Center - Nashville, Tennessee
April 21 - April 24, 2013

Deadline for Submission: November 9, 2012
Please note that this is an extension.

ITS America is looking for high quality contributions to the technical program of ITS America’s annual meeting. We select content that furthers the discussion about state-of-the-art transportation technologies or offers a fresh outlook on the policy, financial, economic, or social implication of deploying transportation technologies. The ITS America Annual Meeting Program Committee is proud to announce that we will again augment our traditional 'Call for Papers' approach with presentation-only submissions. This change allows those of you who have much to share with the membership, but may not have the time to devote to preparing a complete paper, the opportunity to share your knowledge with others at the conference.

This year’s theme “Real Progress — Great Future” will touch on how far we’ve come as a nation in the deployment of ITS technologies and will also illustrate just how much further we can go to create a connected, efficient, sustainable and safe transportation system. The goal for the 2013 sessions lineup is to weave this theme throughout each session as it relates to each of 5 main topical areas: traffic management, safety, commercial vehicle and freight mobility, sustainable transportation and cross cutting issues.. As you are developing your paper or presentation, please make every attempt to frame your subject around this theme.

If your submission is selected, it is because we believe the topic discusses innovative technology, presents novel analysis of technical or policy issues, or proposes solutions to potential hurdles to deployment of technologies. ITS America is offering a flexible format for you to participate in the technical program. You will be required to select one of two options:

Paper Abstract Submission

NEW! Publication Opportunities:

As an added benefit to the 2013 annual meeting, ITS America is teaming with the Transportation Research Board (TRB) of the National Academy of Sciences to select papers that describe timely research topics and expand the body of knowledge. These papers will be published in a Transportation Research Record (TRR), a widely recognized peer reviewed publication. Candidate papers will be selected from the final papers submitted to the Annual Meeting and they will undergo a peer review process in coordination with TRB. In order to be considered, your submission will need to include:

Paper Submissions: 3 page abstract of a substantial topic that includes a research or novel topic, and indicate if you are requesting to be a podium or poster speaker. After papers are accepted and full submissions are received, substantial papers (of at least 10 pages) will be considered for publication in the Transportation Research Record.

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If you are submitting a draft paper, you will be eligible to make a presentation (if selected) and submit a complete paper.


Papers may address technical subjects as well as the institutional, business, and economic aspects of ITS. All proposals must be original and report on recent significant and substantive achievements. Draft papers must be submitted by November 9, 2012. Papers should be no longer than three pages and include an introduction, proposal of project or technology, confirmed results and a conclusion. Draft papers will be reviewed by a peer panel that will look for quality, relevance, and significance of the findings. If accepted to the program, the full paper (no more than 10 pages) must be submitted by March 22, 2013. Selected paper authors will be given the opportunity to present on a panel or poster presentation. The papers will also be included in the conference proceedings.

Presentation Abstract Submission

ITS America is again offering speaking opportunities that do not require a paper submission. In lieu of a full paper, an extended presentation abstract may also be submitted by November 9, 2012. By choosing to submit a presentation abstract you will not be required to submit a full paper for inclusion in the Annual Meeting Program Proceedings. Please submit a full detailed presentation abstract/outline and a synopsis of your conclusions, which will be used to evaluate and select the presenters. The submission should focus on the presentation and when submitting a presentation topic for consideration, the offer will need to indicate the presentation format being requested (podium or poster) and include the following:.

  • Podium presentation: a 1 page abstract (minimum of 350 words) and a descriptive presentation outline (bulleted list is acceptable) on a salient ITS topic.
  • Poster presentation: a 1 page abstract (minimum of 350 words) for a standup poster that would be presented in a dedicated technical session along with other posters.
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Technical/Scientific Paper & Presentation Topics

ITS America's Forums serve as the focal point for dialogue and networking on the challenges and opportunities surrounding research and deployment of intelligent transportation systems (ITS). The five Forums address Safety, Transportation Management, Commercial Vehicle & Freight Mobility, Sustainable Transportation, as well as Cross-Cutting Issues not easily embodied in one Forum.

ITS America is seeking paper and presentation topics that advance Forum goals and objectives. In order to tell our story, it is critical to demonstrate what has been achieved, not merely what we are doing. Abstracts submitted for the annual meeting will be evaluated based on how they illustrate measureable outcomes in the Forum focus areas:

  1. Safety: Driving towards a zero fatality vision
  2. Transportation Management: Making the most of our assets and connecting travelers to information
  3. Commercial Vehicle & Freight Mobility: Efficient goods delivery for economic competitiveness
  4. Sustainable Transportation: Preserving our future quality of life
  5. Cross Cutting Issues: Putting the pieces together for innovative solutions

Why You Should Submit An Abstract

The quality of ITS America’s annual meetings is unparalleled. We select papers and presentations that further the discussion about state-of-the-art transportation technologies or offer a fresh outlook on the policy, financial, economic, or social implication of deploying transportation technologies. If your paper is selected, it is because we believe the paper discusses innovative technology, presents novel analysis of technical or policy issues, or proposes solutions to potential hurdles to deployment of technologies.

If Your Abstract Is Accepted:

  • You will participate in one of the most highly regarded events in the transportation industry.
  • You will build your and your company’s reputation as an information resource within the ITS industry.
  • Your paper may be included in one of the topical proceedings produced by ITS America for dissemination throughout the transportation community.
  • Gain even greater exposure if your paper is selected for publication by TRB in a Transportation Research Record.
  • You will add value to the knowledge-base of other transportation, technology, and business professionals.
  • You will receive a reduced registration fee. All accepted and invited paper authors are required to register and pay accordingly for the ITS America Annual Meeting.

Guidelines for Submission

  • The deadline for submission of draft technical papers and presentation abstracts is Friday, November 9, 2012.
  • Upon submission, the primary author/presenter will receive a confirmation email.
  • If a paper is accepted, the primary author/presenter will be informed by late-December 2012, and the final version of the paper will be due March 22, 2013.
  • You may submit up to three papers or presentation abstracts.
  • To help organize sessions, please specify the topic area that best describes the subject of your paper during the appropriate step of submission.
  • Authors/presenters must be registered for the Annual Meeting by March 22, 2013, or their paper/presentation will be withdrawn from the program.

All accepted paper authors and invited moderators and speakers are required to register and pay accordingly for the Annual Meeting.

For more detailed information on submissions, see the Call For Participation brochure.

For complete 23rd Annual Meeting Paper Formatting Instructions, see Formatting Instructions.