Unlocking the Business Value of Connected Vehicles

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013: 10:20 AM
Ryman Ballroom (Gaylord Opryland Hotel)
Andreas Mai , Director, Connected Industries, Cisco
Barry Einsig , Global Transportation Executive, Connected Industries Group, Cisco, Washington
Description of Paper:

This proposal is for a panel session.


The idea of connecting vehicles is gaining momentum. Many stakeholders, including the automotive and insurance industries, government, and service providers recognize the benefits of connecting vehicles and are developing business cases for their respective domains. Studies show that each connected vehicle creates $1,400 in benefits each year, and while many stakeholders can benefit from connecting vehicles, only a few players are in a position to realize this value. An unresolved cross-industry mystery surrounds the actual flow of money: who is paying how much to whom for what products, services, and cost savings? Following brief presentations from representative stakeholders outlining business cases and external dependencies, panelists will discuss what must happen to unlock business value for connected vehicles and to accelerate broad deployment of connectivity for new and aftermarket vehicles.

Suggested panelists:
• Dr. Chris Borroni-Bird, former Director Advanced Vehicle Development and “father of En-V”, now Qualcomm Vice President Strategic Development (EV)
• Nick Pudar, GM Onstar VP Planning & Business Development
• Thomas Russel, Verizon Vice President Marketing Telematics
• Dr. Sandra Rosenbloom, Chair of Transportation Research Board
• Representative of Octo Telematics, or Progressive or State Farm (tbd)