2096 ITS Knowledge Base for Decision Makers

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Monday, October 17, 2011: 3:50 PM
S320D (Orange County Convention Center )
Risto Kulmala , Research Professor, VTT, Espoo, Finland
Dick Mans , ECORYS Transport & Mobility, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Walter Aigner , Managing Director, High Tech Marketing , Vienna, Austria
Khaled El-Araby , Transver GmbH, Munich, Germany
Description of Paper:

The 2DECIDE project has develop an ITS Toolkit to support decision makers and planners in utilising ITS to solve their problems and to reach their objectives. The foundation of the toolkit is its knowledge base, which is built on results and experiences from research and studies on the impacts, socio-economic profitability, user acceptance as well as technical, legal, institutional and financial feasibility of different ITS services either individually or in a bundle of several services. At the same time, the knowledge base contains basic up-to-date information of the general requirements set by the deployment of different ITS services and applications. The core of the toolkit is the inference engine, which is designed to provide the user the most relevant ITS solutions for his/her own context as well as their expected impacts, benefits, costs, user acceptance and feasibility. The paper describes the design framework and the process undertaken to build up the knowledge base and inference engine as well as the different problems encountered during the process and our solutions to these problems. The final paper will illustrate the function of the inference engine with real-life examples.

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